A.C.E Living

ace living

We coined the term A.C.E Living as a simple ideal that we believe is the future of housing. Smaller footprint homes on a larger scale.

Eco Aware

Our concepts and designs for A.C.E Living are based on layouts of 100m2 and less. A small home, tiny house or sleep out means:

  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Efficient to run and maintain
  • Functionally designed to maximise space

We understand our current environmental situation and our ever changing lifestyles, and we want to set a precedence moving forward. 

Creating high specification and high performance homes on a smaller responsible footprint is our focus. Using sustainable non-toxic materials, ensuring environmental impact is kept to a minimum.  You can breathe easy knowing your home is safe and toxin free.

We understand the home environment we live in has a huge impact on our well being, mental health and comfort.     

    Our design and builds are customised for each individual client, as we understand life is different for everyone. We also design homes which can be easily transportable, especially in times of crisis or disaster.

    Please feel free to contact us about our services and any projects we can help you with.