Industrial Dining Table or Boardroom Table


Industrial Dining Table or Boardroom Table

This epic table has been created in our workshop. 

Bespoke design, using plain steel and a hard wearing XLam top. 


Height: 810mm / Width: 845mm / Length: 2000mm

Leaving raw welds and plain steel for a truly industrial look. Why hide the greatness.

Rawness in all it's glory.


About the Zero Waste Challenge

We decided to set a Zero Waste Challenge for ourselves at Plain & Simple.

Scrap wood and metal are by-products of our trade - and we don't like waste.

The challenge to reduce our waste to as close to zero as possible by using our off-cuts to produce loved pieces of art, simple furniture and useful items for the home.

By reducing landfill and reducing the idea of buying mass produced products from overseas, we create items of interest, value and worth, that would otherwise be classified as rubbish.

We are hoping our Zero Waste Products will generate enough revenue to enable us to keep our team and keep trade in New Zealand.

All our Zero Waste Products are made by us in our workshop in Christchurch, and sold online.

We love New Zealand, and believe in doing our part to be sustainable, and to look after our environment and our amazing planet.

It's the little things.